Alfa Laval capacitors will be relocated to Germany

Alfa Laval capacitors will be relocated to Germany

A year after the acquisition of Alfa Laval's shell and tube heat exchangers business for refrigeration and air conditioning, BITZER is taking a step forward in its strategy to turn these heat exchangers into a 100% BITZER product.

By the end of 2019, BITZER will transfer the production of these products from Alonte to the BITZER Hailfingen plant (Germany). & Nbsp; Since 1985, this plant has been producing a well-known assortment of BITZER heat exchangers and pressure vessels (condensers, oil coolers, oil separators, refrigerant receivers). The continuation and development of the investment plan is to expand production and equip the plant to host production operations related to the former Alfa Laval products.

The second stage will take place in January 2020 and will include a line of direct expansion evaporators. & Nbsp; This means that until the end of 2019 evaporators will continue to be produced - as today - at the Alfa Laval Alonte factory.

The decision to transfer production in 2 stages is related to the need to move part of the assembly equipment and install new equipment at the Hailfingen plant. In particular, this concerns the production of evaporators.

• The design, materials, production process and, in many cases, production equipment at Alfa Laval and BITZER plants will not change. From our side, all necessary efforts were made to preserve existing products as much as possible.

• In stages, all existing permits and certificates for Alfa Laval vessels will also be issued for BITZER products. An exception is ASME certification, which will not be available for products manufactured at Hailfingen. Another heat exchanger manufacturing plant, owned by the BITZER group (Oakwood in the USA), launches production to be able to offer and supply former Alfa Laval products in accordance with ASME standards. This will also happen in two stages: at the first stage, the production of only condensers will begin (until the end of 2019, evaporators according to ASME standards will continue to be supplied by the Alfa Laval Alonte factory).

• & nbsp; During the transfer of production, two fairly old series of capacitors (CDEW and CDEW-E) will be taken out of stock and discontinued. Already now they can be replaced with CRF series capacitors.

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